Site Under Construction

I’ve been having a bunch of issues with my previous server, so I went ahead and found a new server to host my site on. For the next few days, you may notice a few things not working, so please be patient. Everything should be fixed in a few days. Afterwards, there will hopefully be no more slow downs and things should hopefully run faster.

Things are basically back to normal. I’ve decided to basically start fresh with the photo gallery, so I’ve only uploaded a few glalleries that were on the old server. Enjoy! 😎

A New Look Again

Well, with my brother being home for the week, he had time to do a few graphics for the webpage. Since the site hadn’t been updated for a long time now, we decided to give the page a new look. There are still a few kinks to be worked out, but this is the new layout for the time being. Hopefully you guys like the new look. If not, oh well! 😛

I think I’ve gotten Fatter!

Well, for those that may or may not have noticed, has widened it’s footprint on your screen. You should now be seeing a wider content area! (If you’re not, just refresh your browser a few times) Now you may ask, why did I do this? Well, mainly because I wanted to be able to post larger pictures within the posts themselves. I was previously only posting up a width of around 400 pixels, but now can post up a 600 pixel picture. That way you guys won’t have to look at such small pictures! 😀 I’m also hoping to do a redesign of the entire sight sometime in the near future, but we’ll see if I actually get around to doing it.

So while I personally haven’t really gotten fatter, although my brother would counter otherwise, our webpage has definitely gone wider! 😉

Here’s a preview of larger pictures to come! 😯

Law and Mazie

Having ads on the site.

My brother and I have been thinking of putting ads on our website to see how much revenue we could bring in. While anything we put up would be unobtrusive, the question I have is would you guys be bothered by the ads? If most of you wouldn’t mind, and would still come visit the website, then I would give the ads a try for a period of time before evaluating how it was going. But, if most everyone objected, then we’d most likely not put the ads in. Leave a comment with your response.

So Fresh and So Clean!

Well, after looking around on the internet at other sites, I settled for this simple design. Nothing too fancy, nothing too crazy, just nice and simple. I know that it’s still pretty similar to the old design, but I think there are enough changes to make it different. There are still a few more things that need to be done, but I think that we’ll probably settle on this look for now. Continue to give input/suggestions as to changes we can make. Hopefully you guys like the newer look. :smile:

Site Redesign Input

Well, I think it’s time again for a new look for the webpage. So as I work on coming up with a new look in the next week or so, I’m open to suggestions as to what you guys think would look good. Obviously, final decisions will be made by my brother and myself, but we’re open to see what you guys have in mind. Suggestions can include: Color scheme, Design Scheme, Page Layout, and any other ideas you may have.